Barranco del Quiquere Wrecks

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Zone: Puerto del Carmen - Puerto Calero Landscape: Min Depth: 18m Marine life: Max Depth: 35m Comfort:

This entrance to the coast between Puerto del Carmen and Puerto Calero has the advantage of discovering three sunken ships full of marine life in a descent. The two ships closest to the surface are practically intact. On the contrary, the deepest one has a ghostly appearance with its frames coming out of the keel like ribs of a backbone.

The turquoise blue of the water and the ease of access invite you to go in with goggles and a tube. From the coast, we go down the stairs of the cliff to the shore, where we will start the dive. For scuba diving we will dive perpendicular to the shore until we reach the first two ships. It is preferable to leave the third wreck to access it from a boat, due to its depth and distance. We should always check the dive computer because it is easy to need

decompression stop.

Marine life

Many varieties of fish made these boats their home, we can explore the boats or stop to investigate the sand because it hides angel sharks, sea eagles and large mongrels. We also find schools of bogas along with white fula, jacks, amberjacks, and Atlantic bonitos are common here, like tuna, hence the local nickname: tuna boats.