Windsurfing in Lanzarote

Windsurfing in Lanzarote

The magnificent conditions that Lanzarote meets have made it one of the best places in the world to practice windsurfing:



For all these reasons, windsurfing in Lanzarote is simply an unforgettable experience. These extraordinary conditions have made it possible for the island to host the Professional Windsurfing Association (PWA) world championship events for years.

In Lanzarote we can find spots for all levels, both for experts in wave riding, free ride or beginners, from safe and quiet places for beginners to spots with big waves or more tepid places. ;cnicos only for experts.

In the island's windsurfing centers you will find the best professionals who will teach you the keys to this sport.

Best time

The best time to go is during the trade winds, from April to September. When they usually blow strongest is in the months of June, July and early August. The first half of July is usually the best. Many locals also recommend the month of April, they say that it is the unknown month of the Canary Islands, when it blows more constantly and with better quality.

Most common winds

ALISIOS: are the most constant and habitual winds that blow more frequently in spring and summer and, above all, in the month of July. Direction : North. Northeast. Acceleration zone: Costa Teguise. In the afternoons the wind frequently shifts to the North and, when the East component is more powerful, it intensifies in the hottest hours between Matagorda and Costa Teguise. In a regime of high pressures, the meteorological forecasts of Windguru. and Winfinder are generally very reliable. 

Southern winds (5-SW): When the southerly component wind is not hot, there is generally a depression to the west of the Canary Islands. It is a wind that brings rain with a messy sea and, therefore, difficult to navigate. However, forecasts are usually reliable. These winds generally blow in autumn and winter, although they are not very frequent. 

SIROCO: Southeast African wind, hot, with dust in suspension and more common in autumn and winter, being almost non-existent in summer. It has a limited intensity on the east coast of the island but can blow strongly on the west coast (Farnaral). Variable in intensity both day and night. With this component, wind forecasts are unreliable. 

Northern winds (N-NW): When the depressions are higher, they can generate winds from the North, variable in intensity, fresh and with occasional rains. Clear skies, excellent visibility and gorgeous sunsets. 


What to take

  • Material for wave spots, the sails, should tend more to 5.5 than to 3.5.
  • For waves and slalom, a good convertible is ideal with medium and large sails for less windy days.
  • The short suit in summer and the long one in winter to be comfortable in the water.

More important Spots

We offer you a selection of the best windsurfing and kite spots on the island so that you can enjoy the magnificent sailing conditions offered by this destination, already classic in Europe. The geography of the island (30 minutes by car maximum from coast to coast) will allow you enjoy its wind and wave conditions to the fullest.

  • Playa Blanca Spot

    Playa Blanca Spot

    It is a spot where the trade winds often blow. Despite arriving weak, it is channeled between the two islands and allows sailing in slalom many days in summer.

  • Los Pocillos Spot

    Los Pocillos Spot

    In Puerto del Carmen, Los Pocillos beach is ideal both to spend an ideal day at the beach and to start windsurfing.

  • Matagorda Beach Spot

    Matagorda Beach Spot

    Very advisable for those who are calmer and looking to do long tacks with a big sail or for beginners

  • Las Cucharas Beach Spot

    Las Cucharas Beach Spot

    It is the island@#%s benchmark for windsurfing, and has achieved an international reputation as the venue for the World Windsurfing Championship

  • Playa de Los Charcos

    Playa de Los Charcos

    North of Las Cucharas is known for the wave that rises between the two breakwaters at the exit to the open sea.

  • Los Jameos Spot

    Los Jameos Spot

    Considered the best spot on the island. Only for experts. It is the reference of the island if we talk about waves.

  • Famara Beach Spot

    Famara Beach Spot

    Famara is a long beach at the foot of an impressive cliff which gives the spot a sensation of majestic nature.

Of course, there are numerous centers with professional instructors who will make you vibrate with this sport according to your possibilities, they will get you the material and they will bring you closer to the places! that best suits your level.

SUP LANZAROTE is the first center for tourist Stand up Paddle on the East coast of Lanzarote. We offer a wide range of proposals that will make your experience in this sport an experience of life. 

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