Waikiki Reef

Waikiki Reef
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Zone: Puerto del Carmen Landscape: 4 Min Depth: 20m Marine life: 4 Max Depth: 35m Comfort: 4

Leaving by boat from the main beach of Puerto del Carmen, we discover the reef area known as Waikiki. With depths of between 20 to 35 meters and more there are many ledges and this is another place where you can find the orange coral, apart from the other point of greater importance, known as the name of the red coral.

The dive begins from the anchoring point of the line of buoys that delimits the bathing area. It descends leaving, on one side, the edge of the large group of rocks that extends towards the coast and, on the other, the slope of sand that falls to the edge. We walk down the sand to this one, following one of two rock ridges depending on the current and our own predilection.

Marine life

It is easy to observe in the same dive most of the representative species of the Canary bottoms.

It is adorned with a lot of sponges. The flat sponge, the golden sponge, and algae peacock. Ideal place for pooches. Schools of small fish strolling through this reef attract bonito Atlantic and amberjack .

In In the deepest part of the cliff (about 28 m), to the East, we can find a small cave with a large hanging gerardia accompanied by three-tailed fulas.