Viewpoints in Lanzarote

Viewpoints in Lanzarote

Despite the fact that Lanzarote is not one of the most mountainous of the Canary Islands, the views from either side of the Isla Conejera are special. This is so, especially, thanks to its volcanic surface. The contrasts left by the lava, the black color, its capricious petrifications, offer unique views. There are viewpoints in Lanzarote that make these images more impressive. Take notes in case you take a leap and want to treat yourself.

  • Mirador del Rio

    Mirador del Rio

    Original construction dug into the ground and blended into the environment , offers a panoramic view of a group of islets located to the north of Lanzarote.

  • Guinate Viewpoint

    Guinate Viewpoint

    On the Risco de Famara, It is a not very well-known watchtower but it offers a beautiful view of the islands belonging to the Chinijo Archipelago.

  • Mirador del Golfo

    Mirador del Golfo

    You can visit free at any time of the day, from here you can see the so-called Charco Verde

  • Haría Viewpoint

    Haría Viewpoint

    From here we can discover a different island, where the green color of the vegetation tries to make a gap between the volcanic blackness.

  • Helechos Viewpoint

    Helechos Viewpoint

    Helechos Viewpoint from which you can contemplate the northern coastal area of the island, including the Valley of 10000 Palms