Trail Running in Lanzarote

Trail Running in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has spectacular routes both for the variety of landscapes that it encompasses: you can practice your favorite sport crossing volcanic craters, sandy deserts and cultivated areas; as for its level of demand: very affordable terrain, without great slopes to calmly enjoy the benefits of the island and more aggressive terrain where you can take your legs to the limit.

Circular Máguez

A fairly demanding route, in which we find almost everything a mountain runner could wish for: a good number of kilometers, slopes, spectacular views, a feeling of disconnection, technical areas...</ p>


Circular Haría

Spectacular route, where we can find all kinds of obstacles, terrain and views.

We start from the town of Haría in the direction of the Bosquecillo, through the Elvira Sanchez Ravine. A beautiful climb that will leave its memory in the legs all the way. Once at the top, a fast terrain begins that will take us to the vertiginous and long descent of the Lomo del Medio, 5km to the top along the crest of the slope. Once down, we arrive at the town of Mala, a gentle respite to begin the crossing of the coast, a cobbled path, where your ankles will begin to suffer.

We arrive at the town of Arrieta through its beach, La Garita, a place ideal to cool off with the Atlantic breeze and replenish your strength a little to start the short but steep climb to Trujillo. Once at the highest point, the smooth path will lead us back to the town of Haría.

Once there, in the shade of the trees in its main square, we can enjoy a well-deserved rest.


Puerto del Carmen - Costa Teguise

Not everything is going to be big unevenness, land surfaces. Here we show you a tour to enjoy the benefits of Lanzarote's climate. A flat route, without any difficulty, but where you can enjoy unbeatable views of the Atlantic Ocean bordering the entire east coast of Lanzarote, along its promenade, from Puerto del Carmen, through Arrecife, to Costa Teguise.

That is why it is the layout of the Lanzarote International Marathon. Whose main claim is to be able to run in the middle of winter caressed by the Atlantic Ocean.


Circular La Graciosa

Classic sections for runners who want to run along the paths of La Graciosa. It is completely covered by a practitioner.

This route is not very uneven and, although most of it is very simple, the last km are somewhat more technical, through an area of low cliffs, in which if one stumbles will roll a few meters down the slope.


Circular Teguise

Simple path where you walk part of the imposing Risco de Famara from where you can enjoy some of the best views of Lanzarote, towards the Chinijo Archipelago.


Trail Running

Of course, there are numerous centers with professional instructors who will make you vibrate with this sport according to your possibilities, they will get you the material and they will bring you closer to the places! that best suits your level.

Vulcan Bike offers you authentic Mountain Biking, Hiking and Trail Running along paths, tracks and trails, around this unique place in the world called Lanzarote.

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