Tradition and culture of Lanzarote

Tradition and culture of Lanzarote

Culturally speaking we can say that Lanzarote is synonymous with miscegenation.

At first glance we can see that the passage of history has left on the island a heritage of high archaeological, artistic, architectural and ethnographic value, witnesses of the remarkable cultural evolution of the island and its people.

A historical heritage that over the years  It has been enriched and accompanied by multiple cultural and artistic manifestations, which has given rise to an island with singularities that are difficult to find in such a small territorial space.

  • Native sports of Lanzarote

    Native sports

    La Most of the cultural manifestations of any people are linked to indigenous sports.

  • Archaeological heritage of Lanzarote

    Archaeological heritage

    Lanzarote has an important archaeological legacy that allows us to delve into the different scenarios where the life of the pre-Hispanic populations of the island developed.

  • Monumental heritage of Lanzarote

    Monumental heritage

    En Every corner of Lanzarote shows the historical past of the Island, both in its pre-Hispanic representations, and in its more than five centuries of history. European.

  • Lanzarote popular festivals

    Popular festivals

    Throughout the year numerous festivals are held that become one more attraction of the island of Lanzarote.

  • Traditional architecture of Lanzarote

    Traditional architecture

    It is not possible to imagine the island as it is today without César Manrique: his influence and her work has marked her; an architecture always integrated into the landscape.

  • Lanzarote crafts


    The scarcity of resources on the island has caused craftsmanship to by narrow limits, without it being possible to speak of poor craftsmanship.

  • Traditional gastronomy of Lanzarote

    Traditional gastronomy

    El climate and geography have determined the development of a little diversified agriculture whose products, together with the fruits extracted from the sea, have sustained the island cuisine.

  • Lanzarote wines


    Lanzarote wine, in addition to being of excellent quality, offers the spectacle of its cultivation, spice lly in the region of La Geria.