The Cathedral

The Cathedral
Nivelavanzado Familiar Pecios Desdetierra Paredes Desdebarcos Boyadedeco Linterna Cuevas
Zone: Puerto del Carmen Landscape: 4 Min Depth: 0m Marine life: 4 Max Depth: 32m Comfort: 5

A of the most famous dives in Lanzarote. The Cathedral is one wonderful natural cave about 30 meters deep, which is enters the edge forming a great volcanic vault of dimensions majestic. It is very popular with experienced divers.

The immersion is comfortable and very complete; we have vertical walls where we can look for hidden life, huge sandbanks where we can observe mongrels and angelsharks, caves with all kinds of fauna and even a small wreck if we are interested in approaching it.

You can enter from small beach in Puerto del Carmen, from where depth is gained until reaching the edge or wall (20 meters), we will follow it until we reach the entrance of the impressive cathedral, which we will enter through its upper part until we reach the end, where we will find other small caves with a variety of sponges, spider crabs, large groupers, moray eels and angel sharks. In this cave lives the most famous animal on the Island, the great grouper that local divers call Felix.

When we turn around we can observe the intense blue and the depth of the cave with its shapes.

Following the edge we can also observe a yellow gorgonian and black coral (45m).