The Blue Eye

The Blue Eye
Nivelavanzado Familiar Nocturna Brujula Desdetierra Paredes Desdebarcos Boyadedeco Linterna Cuevas
Zone: Puerto del Carmen Landscape: 5 Min Depth: 18m Marine life: 4 Max Depth: 35m Comfort: 5

Located to the south of Playa Chica, about 75 m from the pier, it is a volcanic tunnel (short but wide) of About 10 meters long that crosses the edge of Puerto del Carmen, which will allow us to enter and transport ourselves to places never before imagined. The entrance is about 24 meters deep and the exit about 30 meters.

The most common way to do this dive is from land. Entering through the stairs of the small town of Playa Chica 

Vida Marina

In this dive you can see its walls are completely upholstered with a large number of invertebrates, sponges, anemones and tube worms... which give it a singular color in the light of the spotlight. It is easy to find groupers, angel sharks and mongrels inside it, which make it their refuge. Seahorses have also been seen hiding among the capes in the background.

If we continue along the cliff we will find several caves and hollows and the wall reveals whimsical and curious shapes full of life and color where we can find anemones, corals and Lady Scarlata shrimp.