Temple Hall

Temple Hall
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Zone: Arrecife Landscape: 4 Min Depth: 0m Marine life: 3 Max Depth: 14m Comfort: 4

The Temple Hall wreck can be found in the capital of Lanzarote (Arrecife). When you arrive at this site you will see why this is a unique site. The stern of a cargo ship rises above the water, while the rest is submerged 22 meters.

The Temple Hall is about a London freighter,  called in its last period the Telamon, 139 meters long, 18 meters wide and 8,003 tons , which ran aground on the coast  of Lanzarote in 1981 while transporting a valuable shipment of wood from the Ivory Coast. This incident left us For divers one of the most interesting places to visit. Much of the ship is on the surface and only part is submerged.

Even so It is an essential visit with much and good to see. The engine room, which is broken in two, can be penetrated by qualified divers and the original load of logs still lies where they were spilled on the sand. Dive allows us to traverse both bow and stern because , despite being a huge wreck, the depth does not exceed 15 m.

The stern is open and there is access to the interior, although the entrance is not advisable because the emerged part crumbles easily. However, we can get closer to the bow, which is totally submerged just 50 m away.

Suitable for specialists who want to go deeper or for beginners who want to have an unforgettable memory.  It is the only wreck in Lanzarote that can also be visited with goggles and a tube.

If the dive is done at sunset, the play of light can be spectacular due to the tonalities offered by the metal.

Marine life

Roosters and breams surround the boat, and the reef that surrounds it. Shine a light underneath to see the luminous colors. Angelshark, Scrapie/Torpedo, and even loggerhead sea turtles are seen here.

Where is it

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