Tabayesco is a small town located in the Temisa valley, at an altitude of 90 meters above sea level. A scattered grouping, with abundant recent constructions. A small and peaceful town with a singular beauty.

What to do

Tabayesco is an ideal place for nature lovers. The winding road that crosses the town can provide a beautiful experience that you can do by bike, car or on foot through trails.

The Temisa Valley, which makes up Tabayesco, is full of terraces and sand, which allows you to discover how the people of Lanzarote have modeled the landscape in a unique way, respecting the environment and the initial structure of the landscape to grow local products such as potatoes, lentils or onions...

In addition, the head of the valley consists of three ravines: El Cuchillo, la madre del Agua and Chafariz. The latter has added importance because it is a natural source of drinking water on the island. 


The municipal festivities of Tabayesco celebrate the festivity of the Virgen de la Candelaria in January. They are parties in which the locals share leisure and sports activities in which they enjoy as a large family.

Where is it