Coral Rojo

Coral Rojo
Nivelavanzado Desdetierra Paredes
Zone: Puerto del Carmen Landscape: Min Depth: 28m Marine life: Max Depth: 40m Comfort:

A short swim from small beach to the of 12 meters where we find a cliff that falls to 50 m a wall full of cavities.

In the middle of a wall, about 35m. deep, lives one of the most spectacular coral species in the Canary Islands, the so-called Orange Coral. Especially at night, it unfolds its whitish polyps to the current on the lookout for any possible food that comes within its reach. This species is further evidence of the good quality of the waters of the islands. This beautiful specimen of coral is rare on the islands, at least at such shallow depths. Its spectacular size makes it the best known of the entire Archipelago.

Marine life

Schools of bogas and round sardines as well as all kinds of bream congregate en masse along the reef. The walls are lined with sponges including the rare kidney-shaped sponge.

Looking towards the blue, it is common to witness the passage of pelagic fish, such as tuna, amberjack or pejereyes.