Rabat Wreck

Rabat Wreck
Nivelavanzado Desdebarcos Boyadedeco Linterna Pecios Guantes
Zone: Arrecife Landscape: 3 Min Depth: 18m Marine life: 3 Max Depth: 34m Comfort: 2

A boat descent from the reef port us leads to the place where this Moroccan fishing boat rests. of more than 35 m. in length at a depth of 25 m. The good condition in which this ship is preserved, allows access to its interior and to visit what used to be the engine room, the bridge or part of the holds. Its large propeller is found at a depth of about 32 m.

The dive is very easy, if there are no strong currents. Going down the anchor line, continue to the propeller, which is the deepest part. We continue towards the stern passing through its ramp, where the nets used to be turned and which today leads us to the hold. from here You can walk the entire deck of the ship to end up ascending on the starboard side at a shallower depth. Outside the bridge you can still see part of the ship's name: Rabat

Marine life

In this dive it is easy to see the many species that come to this underwater reef in search of food or shelter, being very frequent the schools of large amberjacks of more than 2 m. As well as barracudas, mongrels and angelshark.

Where is it



The safety buoy is an essential item on this dive. The anchor line serves as a guide for the ascent but in the event of any unforeseen event it is necessary to be able to climb safely. It is highly recommended to have practiced with the buoy before using it in an emergency. to climb and stay at the correct depth during the safety stop. The buoy rope can get tangled if we do not know how to use it or we lack practice. That is why he also carries a reel.