Plan your trip to Lanzarote

Plan your trip to Lanzarote

Well, knowing the island of Lanzarote or being the first time I've been there. If you are thinking of spending your vacations there, we have ideas that will help you make the most of your stay, in both cases.

Lanzarote has a network of hotel and non-hotel accommodation to satisfy all tastes and budgets. From luxury hotels with health centers and spas to apartments, villas, and rural houses, where you will be able to relax. enjoy a more relaxed vacation.

Moving around the island won't be easy either. issue. The island has excellent bus services, called by the locals guaguas, to be able  explore Lanzarote from end to end. Although if you wish, you can also rent a car to discover the places of interest that the island hides

The main advantage of a stay in Lanzarote is that you will be able to enjoy your stay in Lanzarote. experience several vacations in one.

  • How to get to Lanzarote

    How to get

    Lanzarote is only a few hours flight from the main Spanish cities and the European continent.

  • Hotels in Lanzarote


    Lanzarote has a wide range of accommodation for all tastes and budgets in the middle of the main tourist areas or in quieter areas.

  • Car rental in Lanzarote

    Car rental

    As easy as filling out a simple form and so sure that you will have your vehicle ready when you want it.

  • Useful information about Lanzarote

    Useful information

    All the details that reassure one before traveling, as well as the information that you may need while you are here.

  • Private transfer in Lanzarote

    Private transfer

    Private or shared transfer from Lanzarote Airport to your holiday center in Lanzarote and vice versa.

  • Book your activities in Lanzarote

    Book your activities

    In Lanzarote we find You will offer all kinds of activities, and for all tastes, that will make your visit to the island an unforgettable experience

  • Getting around Lanzarote

    Getting around Lanzarote

    One of the great advantages of Lanzarote is that you will be able to see and do an incredible amount of stuff in a few days.

  • Campings in Lanzarote


    It has camping areas located a few meters from the sea, an ideal place to enjoy the incredible beaches in the area and carry out activities outdoors.