Pechiguera Lighthouse

Pechiguera Lighthouse
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Zone: Playa Blanca Landscape: 3 Min Depth: 22m Marine life: 4 Max Depth: 60m Comfort: 2

Located in the tourist town of Playa Blanca, in the extreme south of Lanzarote, right next to the lighthouse that gives its name until immersion: The lighthouse of Pechiguera

In this dive we can see an immense massif of rock rising from the sand resembling a great pyramid. The existence of this large rocky structure, together with the strong currents that occur in the area, makes life that swims freely in open waters concentrate at this point. That is why this dive is ideal for observing both the tiny plankton and the large animals that travel the Atlantic.

This is an ideal dive for the more adventurous , the strong currents and the depth of the area always require adequate planning. Due to the symmetrical shape of the drop, we can decide which side to go down and which to go up, without forgetting that the biggest surprises at this point can appear in open waters with the appearance of large animals

Marine Life

You can see large groups of pollock, tuna, barracuda and with luck a hammerhead shark