Papagayo Beaches

Papagayo Beaches
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Located in the municipality of Yaiza in the surroundings of Punta de Papagayo, extreme south of the island, on the coast of Los Ajaches Natural Monument, there is a series of wild beaches with fine golden sand.

These are beaches with calm waters, isolated, lacking services. They are accessed via dirt tracks. The complex is made up of golden sand beaches; from south to north they are:

Playa Mujeres | Playa de la Cruz or del Pozo | Papagayo Beach | Caleta del Congrio| Puerto Muelas

There are also some small isolated coves.

Cera Beach | Caleton de San Marcial| Caleton del Cobre

All of them are of great beauty, with transparent water and an intense turquoise color, from which you can see on the horizon a beautiful view of the neighboring island of Fuerteventura and the Wolves Island. The practice of nudism is well seen.