Casa Cuartel or Palacio Ico

La Casal Cuartel de la Guardia Civil de Teguise, also known as Palacio de la Princesa Ico is an old mansion built in the s. XVIII as the residence of the Colonel of Fuerteventura in Lanzarote, D. Agustín de Cabrera y Bethencourt.

It is known by the name of "Casa Cuartel" because it was the seat of the Teguise Civil Guard Post from 1923 to 1961.

Currently it is a private property, whose  last rehabilitation was carried out between the years 2005-2008. Rebuilding the rear areas of the house that were in ruins, it will recover its second floor and provide it with services.

Monumental heritage

As a high-quality heritage detail, it should be noted that this house -Cuartel is the only building of the Architectural Heritage of Teguise that has a wooden balcony to the outside. 

The house is located within the delimitation of BIC, Historic Complex of the Villa de Teguise (RD3035 /80, BOE 01/28/81), on Calle Rayo number 2. It is also included in the Catalog of Architectural Patrimonial Protection of the General Plan for Urban Planning of Teguise (Degree of environmental protection).

Where is it