Orzola is a beautiful town Sailor, the furthest north of the island. It is known for being the link port with the neighboring island of La Graciosa. In Órzola we can find the port that connects Lanzarote with Caleta de Sebo, the town to whose port the boats arrive. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

What to see

But Órzola is much more than the gateway to La Graciosa, it is a beautiful town with extraordinary scenic beauty.  At the entrance of the town we find the intertidal zone of Órzola, a  deserted area, virgin, with rugged orography formed by volcanic remains from the eruption of the volcano Crown. In it we find a set of caletones, virgin and solitary coves, which are characterized by having little depth, transparent water and being surrounded by fine, white sand, brushed with small mountains of vegetation and black volcanic rocks. . Highlights include the Caletón Blanco, the Charco Viejo, the Charco de la Condesa

Orzola is also a renowned town among surfers. La Canteria beach is one of the best known for its great waves. Its location favors the trade winds blowing head-on and strongly and  offers waves at a constant rhythm both from the right and from the left

It's a fishing village, so So you can enjoy a gastronomy based on seafood cuisine. The food is spectacular and the service is extraordinary. Among the favorite starters, the limpets with mojo stand out; and as for dishes, without a doubt, fresh fish with a good garnish. Bocinegro, grouper or old can be three rich and tasty alternatives.


The patron saint of the town is Santa Rosa de Lima, popularly known as the Patron Saint of Women, seamstresses and florists. At the end of August, in the town, the festivities are celebrated in honor of the saint, in which various festivities are held, such as festivals and popular barbecues.

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