Nature activities in Lanzarote

Nature activities in Lanzarote

Lanzarote, in addition to its extraordinary climate, has a large number of natural resources that make it an ideal enclave for carrying out outdoor activities in contact with nature.

Lanzarote is a very interesting place to practice hiking. Throughout the island we can enjoy very varied routes. The coastal landscape in the background and the presence of natural parks give these routes an incredible visual and natural content

Lanzarote is also an ideal place to explore it by bicycle, there are  many incredible routes to visit the Island at the rhythm of the pedals. There is great respect for cyclists and it is normal to see people on "two wheels". You can get bicycle rental in Lanzarote practically anywhere on the island

If you prefer to go a little faster you can go through the meet  Lanzarote on a Quad, cross the paths of the Island and have fun getting to know incredible natural landscapes of the island; such as Salinas del Janubio, Papagayo Beaches, Los Hervideros, El Golfo or the impressive Timanfaya National Park.

Flying paragliding over the spectacular landscapes of Lanzarote is an extraordinary experience. It starts from Órzola, continuing over the cliffs of Mirador del Río or the mountains of Playa Quemada. The tandem flight in Lanzarote is completely safe, because you always go with a professional instructor who takes care of everything. Once you're up there, your only job will be to marvel at the Lanzarote relief from the clouds.

Don't miss out on this opportunity and take advantage of one of the many activities that the island offers.

  • Campings in Lanzarote


    It has camping areas located a few meters from the sea, an ideal place to enjoy the incredible beaches in the area and carry out activities outdoors.

  • Mountain bike routes in Lanzarote

    Mountain bike routes

    Favored by a relief without extreme altitudes, the bicycle becomes an ideal means of transport to explore Lanzarote.

  • Climbing in Lanzarote


    Certain places have been enabled in which to develop this activity that allows intimate contact with nature and the landscape.

  • Speleology in Lanzarote


    The great volcanic activity that has taken place on the island, created numerous caves as a result of the flow of lava.

  • Golf in Lanzarote


    The golf courses of Lanzarote have exceptional qualities to enjoy one of the relaxing outdoor sports..

  • Hang gliding and paragliding in Lanzarote

    Hang gliding and paragliding

    Ideal place to practice wind-related sports, there are d breakwaters, easily accessible, for practically any wind direction.

  • Hiking in Lanzarote


    Lanzarote has a large and varied number of trails designed to enjoy all the splendor of its landscape.

  • Trail Running in Lanzarote

    Trail Running

    Lanzarote owns a spectacular route both for the variety of landscapes that it encompasses, and for its level of demand.