Natural landscapes of Lanzarote

Natural landscapes of Lanzarote

Lanzarote is pure nature, the occupation and use of space has led to the construction of unforgettable landscapes for the visitor. From its appearance, Lanzarote is said to be the most volcanic of the Canary Islands. Its "lunar" landscape, covered with craters, ravines and valleys of solidified lava, is one of the island's main attractions.

Its volcanoes and farmers are the creators of this peculiar work of art that invites you to contemplate and enjoy it from the conviction that it is a place with a beauty unlike any other corner of the planet. 

If you want to delve into the special relationship that the population has established with the unique volcanic environment that surrounds it, visit the Centers of Art, Culture and Tourism. Spaces created with ingenuity to protect the island's heritage and each one of them is different from the others, forming as a whole an essential panorama of the local culture.

The conservation of the natural heritage is rooted in the history of Lanzarote and its people, making it a place that seems destined for dreams. In Lanzarote, their lifestyle has adapted to the volcanic conditions of the land, and they have been able to take advantage of the possibilities that the ash fields have for agriculture. Its vineyards emerge from large craters in the earth and give shape to a characteristic lunar landscape, which, together with the volcanoes and the sea, testify to the island's deep commitment to strict environmental development codes. The commitment of the rabbit farmers - or inhabitants of Lanzarote - with its surroundings, has a long tradition based on respect for the environment, a legacy that future generations will be able to enjoy.

Lanzarote is not a green island, and it seems inhospitable, but far from being a problem, it implies that its landscapes are somewhat different, and very attractive.