Municipalities of Lanzarote

Municipalities of Lanzarote

Each of the municipalities of Lanzarote has its own attraction and more than one reason to visit them, they have something special and unique to offer. The best thing you can do is visit each of these municipalities and visit some of its main attractions. Rest assured that it is something that will be worth every second of the trip, both visiting its beaches and learning about its history and culture, its history, its popular festivals….

The island of Lanzarote is divided into 7 municipalities of which the most populated is Arrecife, island capital. The municipalities that make up the island of Lanzarote from north to south are: Haría, Teguise, Arrecife, Tinajo, San Bartolomé, Tías and Yaiza. Each of these municipalities has its own characteristics that we put at your disposal in this complete guide. With the support of unpublished photographs and maps of each and every one of the municipal terms, it constitutes the most extensive compendium on the geography, landscape, gastronomy, culture, crafts and popular festivals of Lanzarote.

  • Municipality of Teguise

    Municipality of Teguise

    Its towns have a marked personality and the natural features on which it is based stage the events that marked the history of the island.

  • Municipality of Tias

    Municipality of Tias

    It extends along eleven kilometers of coastline and an area of Almost 65 square kilometers, it is the municipality that was first incorporated into tourism development.

  • Tinajo Municipality

    Tinajo Municipality

    It is the agricultural municipality par excellence : It has served as pasture for cattle and all forms of cultivation are given.

  • Municipality of Yaiza

    Municipality of Yaiza

    Awarded in innumerable occasions for its neatness thanks to the dedication of its inhabitants in the conservation of the town.

  • Municipality of San Bartolome

    Municipality of San Bartolome

    Se extends through the geographical center of the island, as a border between two very different landscapes delimited by the monument to the peasant.

  • Municipality of Arrecife

    Municipality of Arrecife

    The capital of the island since the 19th century, it is the administrative and commercial center that houses more than half of the island@#%s population

  • Municipality of Haria

    Municipality of Haria

    Numerous colonies of palm trees, native vegetation and extensive cultivated fields make Haría a complex and unique oasis..