It is a very quiet and picturesque town, located in a landscape of large prickly pear plantations and strange volcanoes that contrast enormously with the typical white houses.

The prickly pear plantations take us back to another era in which the local people fed economically on the “cochineal”. Together with the barilla and the orchilla, they were widely used for their trade, thus palliating the the lack of resources on an island with little rainfall. AT present they are practically abandoned.

What to do

Mala is a little touristic destination, here it is you can enjoy the tranquility and hospitality of the town and lose yourself in the volcanic corners of the area.

Among these corners, the dam stands out. Although it was never operational, it is curious to come and see it. It is easy to locate as it can be seen from the road from Mala to Guatiza. On optimal windy days, you can see how Paragliders and Hang Gliders begin their flights from this dam.

For the more adventurous. From the dam, there is a route of about 2 kilometers where you can find 3 different artificial caves. “La Catedral”, the largest cave, is undoubtedly the most impressive. If you dare, take a camera with you, because this place is perfect for taking pictures.


The festivities in honor of the patron saint of the town, the Virgin of Mercedes, are celebrated at the end of September.  Various festivities are organized, such as festivals and popular barbecues.

Where is it