This is a beautiful farming town, located north of the island. It has a scenic beauty that is difficult to match as it is surrounded by three majestic volcanoes such as La Corona, Los Helechos and La Quemada, and the Risco de Famara at the height of Gayo.

The houses of Máguez are of typical Canarian architecture, with an abundance of barns today converted into habitable rooms and carefully cared for by their inhabitants.

What to do

Máguez is an ideal town to take a walk and enjoy the atmosphere of peace and tranquility that its streets breathe. We will also be able to observe the architecture of Canarian houses in an eminently rural area, where adaptation to the climate and working conditions show us houses prepared and designed for agricultural and livestock activity.

If you prefer to enjoy nature in one of the areas with the largest vegetation on the island, you can climb the peak of Gayo and enjoy the wonderful views of the Chinijo Archipelago. from one of the highest points on the slopes of the Risco de Famara. In addition, there are many who choose to have a picnic and enjoy a day in the countryside with family and friends.


The festivities in honor of Santa Bárbara are the most important in Máguez. They are held at the end of November and it is a magnificent opportunity to learn about the traditional activities of the rural towns of Lanzarote. Championships of popular games, folk music concerts and festivals are organized. 

Where is it