Haría, in the north of Lanzarote, is located in the charming “valley of a thousand palm trees”, one of the best palm groves of native palm trees in the Canary Islands. 

It is one of the greenest places on the island and enjoys a special microclimate that favors the appearance of numerous plant species.

Haría gives its name to a larger municipality that basically encompasses the northern tip of Lanzarote.

What to see in Haría

Haría is a quiet town that invites you to stroll through its narrow streets and relax under the shade of laurel and eucalyptus trees. In the historic center, whose heart is Composed of the church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación and the Leóny Castillo square, a place that invites you to relax in the shade of its laurels and eucalyptus trees . In it we can find the Sacred Museum, where we can see pieces of great historical and artistic value, highlighting the 'custodias' from the 1600s, 1670s, and 1700s; so such as a 17th-century silver portmanteau (from Portugal) and a 'Recumbent Christ' from the year 1760.

In addition to discovering the calm and charm of the streets of the center of Haría, these are some of the places that you cannot miss during your visit:


The most outstanding festivities are those of San Juan in Haría for being the patron saint of the municipality. It marks the beginning of summer. It is traditional to celebrate it with the celebration of a great bonfire where Facundo is burned on June 23 at night. The verbenas host a very fun atmosphere to enjoy a magnificent summer night with your family and friends. 

Other outstanding festivals are the carnivals in Haría.