Eating out in Lanzarote

Eating out in Lanzarote

The increase in tourism in Lanzarote is introducing more and more international food, which is why you can find restaurants of all types and tastes : Mexicans, Italians, Chinese, Hindus, etc.

However, the typical restaurants where you can enjoy the local food are an essential sight. The island's traditional cuisine can be tasted in family-run establishments off the tourist circuit: 

Typical foods are wrinkled potatoes with green or red mojo (spicy or not spicy), Canarian stew, old fish, grilled fish (bocinegro and grouper, among others), gofio, local cheeses, the traditional Sancocho, fish broth, pejines, limpets and burgaos, the Canarian stew. kid and rabbit stews and bienmesabe (a traditional dessert made with almonds, biscuits, eggs, sugar and lemon) are some of the island's specialties that should not be missed, as they form part of the islanders' culture and that survival kitchen where access to food was very expensive. 

The food on this island is exceptional. If you like fish, you cannot leave without trying any of the fresh fish they offer, let the waiters advise you. In certain restaurants on the coast, especially in fishing villages such as Arrieta, Punta Mujeres or El Golfo, the fish will be the one of the day, whatever the sea has offered in the morning. There is a genre to choose from, Sama, Vieja and Cherne are three of the most typical of the islands. My recommendation is to order the Sama a la back, the Vieja Sancochada and the Cherne in tacos

And, of course, you can also find the classic Spanish food.

Regarding the wines, As we have already mentioned, there are good wines in this area that are cultivated with care to make the grapes sprout in a land where it hardly rains, which gives the wines of the area especially powerful flavors, which are manifested in the excellent malvasías and powerful sweet muscatels, certainly excellent souvenirs to take home on our return.

  • Lanzarote wines


    Lanzarote wine, in addition to being of excellent quality, offers the spectacle of its cultivation, spice lly in the region of La Geria.

  • Traditional gastronomy of Lanzarote

    Traditional gastronomy

    El climate and geography have determined the development of a little diversified agriculture whose products, together with the fruits extracted from the sea, have sustained the island cuisine.

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