Whale Watching

Whale Watching

The Canary Islands in general and Lanzarote in particular, are located in the subtropical region of West Africa, are of volcanic origin (with great depths a short distance from the coast) and thanks to its oceanic position, it presents some peculiar oceanographic and geomorphological characteristics that allow the existence of species of warm and tropical fauna together with elements typical of temperate or cold waters. ace. The islands mark the southern limit of distribution for cold-water species, and the northern limit for tropical-water species.

If we can find these stable colonies of cetaceans throughout the year in our waters, it is mainly due to three factors:

In the waters of the Canary archipelago, the presence of 30 species of cetaceans, belonging to 7 families, has been confirmed, which represents 34.5% of the 87 species described on the planet. The Canary Islands as a whole make up one of the regions with the greatest diversity of cetaceans in the North Atlantic, especially of rare oceanic species that are little known globally.

Ideal destination

Because of all the above, the coast of Lanzarote has become an ideal destination for sighting these precious animals. Some species live in these waters permanently and other species that are passing through.

Seeing these creatures in the wild is a show that children and adults can enjoy, an exciting and unique experience that you cannot miss during your vacation on the island. There are numerous boats that leave every day from the main marinas in the island with the aim of spotting these species.

These types of excursions are suitable for the whole family as they do not involve any risk. Passengers will enjoy an unforgettable day aboard a boat or catamaran. 



In the waters of Lanzarote we can find about 20 different species in these waters. Distinguishing one species from another in the open sea, and with the naked eye, can be somewhat complicated, especially if they are not close to the boat. However, by looking at certain aspects we can fairly delimit the species sighted.

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