Cesar Manrique Foundation

Cesar Manrique Foundation

The Tahiche Taro , headquarters of the foundation, is located in the municipality of Teguise, it is one of the works of the artist César Manrique that shows his interest in reconciling human intervention and Nature, as well as as for combining traditional architecture with the most innovative elements.

Began to build in 1968 as the artist's house, it is located on a volcanic lava tongue, taking advantage of 5 volcanic bubbles that have been communicated as living space, which brings to mind the deep houses of the nice. The total area of the farm is 30,000 m2, and the living space is 1,800 m2, to which are added 1,200 m2 of terraces and gardens.

The upper floor, on the surface, combines the elements of the island's traditional architecture with other modern ones, such as large windows and wide spaces.

On the underground level, shaped by volcanic bubbles, there is a large rest area with a swimming pool, dining room...

It was inaugurated as a cultural center on March 27, 1992, six months before the death of its founder. It is the old house of the artist from Lanzarote, converted into a museum. 

The building is Built on a lava flow product of the eruptions that occurred on the island in 1824. Its style is inspired by traditional island architecture. In addition to the area built on the surface, there are a series of underground rooms located inside volcanic bubbles.


The Fundación César Manrique (FCM) is a cultural institution whose objective is the conservation and dissemination of the work of the Canarian artist César Manrique, founder of the same, having as main Areas of action the protection of the natural environment, the promotion of plastic arts and cultural reflection.

Currently, the museum houses several collections: 



Where is it


General information

Jorge Luis Borges, 10 - 35507. Tahiche. Lanzarote.
Tfno: +34 928 84 31 38
Fax: +34 928 84 34 63

Horarios y tarifas
De 10:00 a 18:00 horas.
Cerrado el 1 de enero.
Entrada 8 euros
Niños hasta 12 años gratis
Precios especiales para grupos.
Contacte en la dirección grupos@fcmanrique.org

La Fundación dispone de tienda-librería, cafetería y zona de aparcamiento



In the Fundacin Csar Manrique there are different rooms where the cultural activities of the Institution take place.

Manrique Room

The Manrique Room is located on the lower level of the Museum. It usually houses part of Manrique's work and periodically changes its content to make room for the temporary exhibitions organized by the institution. A good part of the conferences and round tables proposed by the FCM take place in this space. 

Taro Room

The Taro Room, attached to the Museum, is not usually open to the public. It is used to install temporary exhibitions and celebrate some of the cultural activities.

Saramago Room

The Saramago Room is located in the Plaza de la Constitucin, in Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote, in a new building designed by the architect Luis Daz Feria.