Speleology in Lanzarote

Speleology in Lanzarote

The great volcanic activity that has taken place on the island during all its history, it has created numerous caves as a result of the flow of lava, among them the most famous and adapted to be visited comfortably are the Cueva de los Verdes or the Jameos del Agua, as well as the Tunnel of Atlantis, which with its 7.5 km turns out to be one of the longest in the world. However, there are still many others preserved in their primitive state, waiting to be visited.

In ancient times they were known and used by the ancient settlers as a dwelling or as a refuge from pirate invasions, today, it is a unique opportunity to discover the powerful force of a volcano from the depths of the earth.

For all levels

If you are fascinated by this underground world, in Lanzarote you will have the great opportunity to satisfy your curiosity. Without a doubt, you will feel like a seasoned explorer taking a fantastic journey to the depths of the island.  You don't have to be an expert geologist or have any knowledge of caving to enjoy the amazing views that can be found down here.

On the island you can enter the underground world of volcanoes, from a simple walk through the simplest volcanic tubes in which only lighting is necessary, to the most dangerous, chasms over 100 meters deep formed by the force of the lava

Discover the trails, trek in the volcanoes, visit the caves, climb cliffs, activities and multi-adventure in Lanzarote, from walks through paradisiacal beaches, to more extreme activities to release that adrenaline.

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