Peraza House-Museum

It was built in the s. XV as a summer residence for the Lords of the Island, on the grounds of Los Valles, between Los Valichuelos and the Temeja mountain.

Like the rest of the mansions and palaces of Teguise, it suffered pirate looting for several years. The current architecture has the form that Colonel Peraza gave it in the 18th century.

In 1988 it was sold by his heir D. Maximino Peraza de León to the Teguise City Council. It was recently restored by the Cabildo de Lanzarote.

Currently it serves to expose the characteristics of daily life on the island in the eighteenth century.


It preserves the simplicity of popular Lanzarote architecture.

It is on one floor, except for one room, and has a large central patio to which all the rooms lead, to establish a circuit for ventilation and horizontal communication. There is little opening to the outside in the form of a window, this being another variant of a Mediterranean house.

Its holes or rooms are longitudinal, framed with carpentry of popular tradition, flat gabled roofs, a "sobrado" with a wooden balcony.

The materials used were found in nature, such as volcanic stones bound with mud. The roofs are generally double-sloped, supported by an exposed structure made of wooden beams.

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