Lanzarote Beaches

Lanzarote Beaches

In its 169 kilometers of coastline, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and rocked by the trade winds, Lanzarote has a large number and variety of beaches and coves; pebbles, white sand , blonde sand, volcanic sand, calm waters, with waves..., because Lanzarote has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the Canary Islands.

If we add to this an ideal climate, almost the 365 days a year, hang out or in the sun and taking some perfect baths becomes an essential plan during your stay on the island.

Nautical activities

The sea of Lanzarote, generally quiet and friendly, invites you to enjoy the numerous beaches that dot its coastline, but also offer other opportunities for enjoyment, in addition to the well-known enjoyment of the beach and sun, through water sports, or the maritime excursions, due to the good weather throughout the year, the large number of hours of sunshine and the high average temperature of the sea water. 

The beaches to the west of Lanzarote, such as Playa de Famara, or Playa de Janubio, are the first choice for lovers of 'body boarding' and for experienced surfers. 

The beaches of the southeast offer the possibility of practicing a wide variety of water sports, such as water skiing, diving, pedal boats, jet skis, paragliding and recreational fishing , to mention just a few.

Throughout the year, sailing conditions are ideal, even for the most daring yachtsmen.

To the north, small coves of white sand, like Los Caletones de Órzola; on the east coast, perfectly equipped beaches in the towns of Costa Teguise and Puerto del Rosario; on the western coast, the enormous and spectacular beach of Famara; to the south, the paradisiacal beaches of Papagayo. And much more.

Beaches with a naturist tradition

As in the rest of the Archipelago, there are also a good handful of spaces with a deep nudist tradition. Whenever we talk about this type of space, we make it clear that Spanish legislation does not prohibit the practice of nudism in certain spaces, so that more than naturist beaches, we must talk about beaches with a naturist tradition, that is, places where On a regular basis there are nudist bathers. 

This list of places should be understood only as indicative of the places most frequented by naturists, without meaning that they cannot practice in any other that they like. This list also does not imply any guarantee of finding more nudists. The best known are: Papagayo Beaches, Charco del Palo, Famara Beach, Janubio Beach, Arena Beach, Pozo el Barranco Beach del Quiquere, and Los Chracones.


Nudist beaches

This list of places should be understood only as indicative of the places most frequented by naturists, without meaning that they cannot practice in any other that they like. This list is also no guarantee of finding more nudists.

Best Beaches

The good reputation of some has transcended beyond their limits. of our borders, as are the cases of Papagayo and Famara. But there are other unknown scenarios where you can lie in the sun and take a perfect bath, with light sand or black and volcanic sand.

The variety of beaches on the island of volcanoes is unknown to many, even after several visits to the island. 

  • Ria de La Santa

    Ria de La Santa

    The surroundings of the 910 m beach. long, it is intervened by circular and semicircular stone constructions, its sand is white and fine.

  • Reducto  Beach

    Reducto Beach

    Aseos Serviciodelimpieza Accesodiscapacitados Equipodevigilancia Aparcamientos Duchas Serviciodeautobus Paseomaritimo Papeleras Restaurantes Banderaazul Telefonos

    Blue flag of the European Union, it has a long avenue that borders the sea coast. Its sand is golden and fine and is 400 m long.

  • Quemada Beach

    Quemada Beach

    Restaurantes Telefonos

    It is used by locals and by those who love to fish with a rod and is practically unknown to tourists.

  • Caletón Blanco

    Caletón Blanco

    The white sand contrasts with the black lava rocks, creating the most exotic bathing area on the island.

  • Bastian Beach

    Bastian Beach

    Aseos Aparcamientos Duchas Papeleras Restaurantes

    Located on the tourist coast of the municipality of Teguise, Costa Teguise. Beach in an urban-tourist environment, with golden sand and calm sea. and about 300 m. long.

  • Cucharas Beach

    Cucharas Beach

    Has the blue flag of the European Union. This beach with 650 m. long and sheltered by breakwaters, it has fine, brown sand and calm waters

  • Los clicos beach

    Los clicos beach

    Beautiful natural black sand beach , about 300 meters long.

  • Grande Beach

    Grande Beach

    The beach has the necessary conditions to deserve the flag every year blue of the European Union.

  • Guacimeta Beach

    Guacimeta Beach

    Paseomaritimo Papeleras Windsurf

    Beach of 1,050 m. long fine tan sand, quite isolated and you can practice nudism.

  • Honda Beach

    Honda Beach

    Serviciodelimpieza Accesodiscapacitados Equipodevigilancia Aparcamientos Duchas Paseomaritimo Papeleras Restaurantes Windsurf Telefonos

    It is golden sand and almost 1 km long. It has a wide promenade and adjoining car parks. The width is considerable, almost 200 m in some sections.

  • Janubio Beach

    Janubio Beach

    Aparcamientos Carente

    It is 350 m long and is suitable for the bathroom, although you have to take precautions because the sea is quite rough on this side of the coast.

  • Dorada Beach

    Dorada Beach

    Es an artificial beach, with white sand, about 200 m long. This beach has the blue flag of the European Union.

  • Blanca Beach

    Blanca Beach

    It has golden sand and is about 130 m long , with calm waters, enjoys a high number of hours of sunshine per year.

  • La Graciosa Beaches

    La Graciosa Beaches

    The beaches of La Graciosa are completely natural. All the beaches can be reached on foot, by bike or with the taxi service offered by the island

  • Malvas Beach

    Malvas Beach

    Virgin beach, low occupancy sand and black gravel, intermediate texture, windy beach with strong waves.

  • Ancla Beach

    Ancla Beach

    It is a quiet beach in a cove, with sand and volcanic rocks.

  • Arena Beach

    Arena Beach

    Ideal beach for a relaxing swim, made up of sand and gravel 330 meters long.

  • Flamingo Beach

    Flamingo Beach

    La playa Flamingo , located in Yaiza, specifically in the tourist town of Playa Blanca.

  • Jablillo  Beach

    Jablillo Beach

    Serviciodelimpieza Buceo Aparcamientos Sombrillasyhamacas Duchas Paseomaritimo Papeleras Restaurantes Banderaazul Telefonos

    Playa del Jablillo is a small cove, very beautiful, with fine white sand which causes the sea to have a turquoise green color very intense cheese on its shore.

  • Pozo  Beach

    Pozo Beach


    Isolated virgin beach, low occupancy, black sand and gravel, with calm waters of about 345m. long by 10m. wide.

  • El Afre Beach (Coloradas)

    El Afre Beach (Coloradas)

    Located near the Papagayo beaches, it is one of the few black sand and gravel beaches from the southern coast, it extends for about 400 meters.

  • Pila de la Barrilla (Playa Chica)

    Pila de la Barrilla (Playa Chica)

    Cove curiously protected by extensions of natural lava that give this beach a special character due to the tranquility of its waters.

  • Los Pocillos Beach

    Los Pocillos Beach

    Pocillos beach is located in the middle of the three, is more than 1 km long and with a width that in some sections exceeds 200 m.

  • Puerto Muelas

    Puerto Muelas

    The one that is furthest north. It has enabled camping for caravans and campers.

  • Mujeres Beach

    Mujeres Beach

    It has an extension of approximately 395 meters long by 85 meters wide .

  • Caletón del cobre

    Caletón del cobre


    It has an extension of approximately 50 meters of length by 3 meters wide.

  • Papagayo Beaches

    Papagayo Beaches

    They are beaches with calm waters, which are accessed ede by dirt tracks where the practice of nudism is well seen.

  • Caletón de San Marcial

    Caletón de San Marcial


    It is a beach of sand and rock, with calm waters of intense turquoise blue.

  • Playa de la Cruz o del Pozo

    Playa de la Cruz o del Pozo


    Between Papagayo and Mujeres. At low tide you can walk from any of these beaches to any of the others.

  • Cera Beach (Cerita)

    Cera Beach (Cerita)

    It has an area of approximately 105 meters long by 30 meters wide.

  • Papagayo Beach

    Papagayo Beach

    Perhaps the most beautiful of all. It is hidden between two cliffs forming a small cove.

  • Caleta del Congrio

    Caleta del Congrio

    Its fine golden sand; its calm waters and the spectacular landscape that surrounds it, make this beach an ideal place to spend the day.

  • Matagorda Beach

    Matagorda Beach

    Matagorda beach of about 850 m of fine, toasted sand, an attractive beach, suitable for windsurfing.

  • La Garita Beach

    La Garita Beach

    Located in the municipality of Haría. 810m Beach in a residential area, with calm sea and golden sand. It has a blue flag from the European Union.

  • Atrás Beach

    Atrás Beach

    Aparcamientos Surf

    Beautiful golden sand beach, about 100m long. The bath is pleasant, although you have to be very careful with the currents.

  • Risco Beach

    Risco Beach

    Surf Carente

    Of almost 1km long, with golden sand, very lonely and dangerous due to currents. It is reached by descending a path from the top of the Risco de Famara or by boat.

  • Famara Beach

    Famara Beach

    Famara beach is the largest in Lanzarote, with more than six km in length. It is of great beauty, the result of its white sand and its rough sea.

  • Caleta del Mero

    Caleta del Mero

    Aparcamientos Carente

    This is a of the 3 largest waves on the island. Its quality is excellent, but be careful with the volcanic reef

  • Charco del Palo Beach

    Charco del Palo Beach

    Modern nudist development built in front of a small cove of golden sand and calm sea.